Dear Austen Smith

Thank you so much for your investment in the caregivers who attended our Gross Motor Waste 2 Toys Workshop in the Ezinketheni community today.  The importance of the caregivers’ role in the lives of the young children that they influence daily was acknowledged and emphasised at the Workshop, and they have been encouraged to provide play opportunities for their children every day. They learnt how to make a number of educational toys from household packaging that is usually thrown away, discovering how many skills a child is developing while playing with the toys they made and how those skills will help the child in formal education.

A big thank you to Sandra from Mamma Ntombi Community Project for arranging the venue and delegates to attend.   At the workshop, we discuss some ideas with them on how to get access to the recycling they need, such as asking a local restaurant, B&B, school, etc. to collect for them.   As making the toys can be quite time-consuming, the delegates can also ask parents or gogos of the children in their crèche or from the community to help them make more items.

Our trainers mentioned how well the workshop was received as there is not much early childhood education in the community with many children wondering the streets.  There were also a few young school girls with their children at the workshop.  They learnt so much and we are sure that this workshop will have meaningful impact in the lives of the young children who will benefit from the 29 adults who attended.

Linda Hill