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Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA)

What are the procedures that I need to follow if I am involved in a motor vehicle accident?

What to do when involved in a motor vehicle collision

  • Report to the SAPS IMMEDIATELY
  • Ensure circumstances are documented
  • Photographs where necessary, police officers details, reference numbers, addresses where necessary
  • Discuss statements with an Attorney
  • Consult with a medical doctor if anyone is injured


  • Within 24 hours if a person is killed or injured
  • After 1 working day after the accident if no person was killed
  • Remember: All motor vehicle accident damages have a prescription period of three (3) years for recovery of vehicle damages.


  • The RAF provides financial assistance to people injured in road accidents and also dependants of those who are killed.
  • All the parties involved in the accident regardless of the number of people
  • If no one is injured but yourself or your car you need not report the accident.
  • It’s an offence not to report an accident in which another person’s property has been damaged
  • Where parties decide to pay for their own repairs and nobody is injured, police need not be called to the scene of the accident but the accident MUST be reported by both drivers


What happens thereafter:

  • The official Accident Report (AR) form must be completed
  • A Police official, traffic Officer or any other authorized person must assist the driver to complete the form
  • Each driver/pedestrian reporting the accident must complete their own form irrespective of how many parties there are
  • Make note of all possible details of the license expiry date and insurance policy holder of the other party involved

Contact your insurance company if necessary for assistance with claims and quotes.