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Crime / Theft / House Robbery

What are the procedures that I need to follow if I find myself a victim of Crime / Theft / House Robbery?

South African Police Services (SAPS)  - 10111

Emergency Services (Ambulance) - 10177

Cell phone Emergency - 112

When to Report a Crime

  • Reporting of a crime is free of charge; all the necessary documents are completed by the police officers
  • Report the incident at your nearest police station
  • A case docket shall be open immediately wherein the crime shall be investigated
  • You and witnesses (where applicable) will be required to give statements to the officials at the crime scene
  • A case will be registered in the SAPS Crime Administration System (CAS) at the Police Station
  • A CAS number should be sent to the Complainant via SMS that needs to be kept as a reference for future enquiries regarding the criminal case
  • The completed case docket is then allocated to a police detective who will carry out the investigation
  • The relevant Detective in charge of the particular case will complete the investigation and the docket will be presented to the relevant Court for prosecution

The Duty to Report a Crime

  • The duty arises when the individual knows or should reasonably have known, or suspects that a person has committed an offence of corruption
  • The duty is placed on individuals who hold positions of authority

Failure to Report a Crime

  • is a criminal offence if it will cause harm to another person
  • it is the interest if justice to report a crime although there is no law requiring a person to report the crime