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Fiduciary Services

The Fiduciary Services department of Austen Smith handles the drafting of wills and estate planning, the administration of estates, trusts and personal affairs and generally looking after and caring for clients.  We also draft and execute Antenuptial contracts and attest other notarial documentation. We attend on the Masters office daily.

The department is headed by Cassie Sharrock a partner of the firm, together with an efficient team comprising experienced paralegals, secretaries and bookkeepers.

Austen Smith is proud to lead the way in being a registered Financial Services Provider (FSP). We have a dedicated investments department and have an experienced paralegal whose time is dedicated to the efficient managing of long-and short-term investments on behalf of clients.

We pride ourselves on having a strong work ethic at our firm while enjoying a warm, family-orientated environment.

The services which the Fiduciary Departments offers are:

Estate planning and administration:

  • Drafting of Wills both simple and where estate planning is involved;
  • Estate planning;
  • Formation and administration of Trusts, both intervivos and mortis causa;
  • Administration of Deceased Estates.


  • Management and administration of personal affairs for clients;
  • Long and short term investments in bank accounts;
  • Drafting Powers of Attorney;
  • Attending Masters Office to lodge documentation and follow up queries for clients.


  • Drafting and execution of Antenuptial Contracts;
  • Notarial authentication and certification, including Apostilles for use of documents overseas.

We understand that many people are uncomfortable talking about and making plans for their own mortality, but unfortunately death is an eventuality that we all must face.  We believe that it is best to be prepared and to ensure that your family are taken care of as you intended.  We encourage clients to update their wills when their circumstances change such as a marriage, birth or death in the family.

If you have a will, we suggest that you read through it to check that the provisions are still relevant.  If you do not have a will, or you discover that your will is out of date, we urge you to contact our offices for assistance in drafting or updating your will.

Cassie completed her articles of clerkship with Austen Smith and was admitted as an attorney, notary public and conveyancer on 17 February 2006. She joined Fiduciary Services in 2005 and is specialising in the formation and administration of trusts. Cassie was appointed as an associate of the firm in January 2010 and became a Partner on 1 March 2011.