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Archive for May 2012

Fixed Term Contracts – A New Twist You Need To Know!

The unfair dismissal claim Employees: Are you employed on a fixed contract basis? If so, what are your rights when your contract expires? In a nutshell, you will have a case against your employer for unfair dismissal if: – You have “a reasonable expectation” that the fixed term contract will be renewed on the same or similar terms;…

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Sharing a Holiday Home? Beware The Deadlock Danger!

Are you thinking of buying a holiday home jointly with another family or families? Joint ownership has its appeal, but no matter how good relations between you all may be at the start, bear in mind the potential for dispute down the line. So if for example you follow the common route of holding the…

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You, Your Neighbours and Your Boundaries – Don’t Lose Your Land!

A recent High Court case shows just how dangerous it can be to allow a neighbour long term use of your property without having a formal use agreement in place. The facts; and the off-course fence In the case in question, a boundary fence between two farms had, for reasons now lost in the mists…

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