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The Transfer Duty calculation has changed to – ∙ R0 – R600 000 = exempt ∙ Above R600 000 – R1million @ 3{386da21712306c7ea1ec53b34b97fadb8c0ec5caeb4fa51813505ee2700f52b4} ∙ Above R1million – R1.5million = R12 000 plus 5{386da21712306c7ea1ec53b34b97fadb8c0ec5caeb4fa51813505ee2700f52b4} ∙ Above R1.5million = R37 000 plus 8{386da21712306c7ea1ec53b34b97fadb8c0ec5caeb4fa51813505ee2700f52b4} The Transfer Duty calculation is based on ‘Date of sale’. Where the date of…

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We are delighted to announce that Cassie Sharrock has joined the partnership with effect from 1 March. Cassie completed her studies at UKZN, and then joined the firm as a candidate attorney in January 2004. She was admitted as an attorney, notary public and conveyancer in February 2006 and was appointed as an associate of…

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